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Pilot Amy Alistair has been dumped by one good looking man too many, but when the new Flying Doctor, heart throb, Dan Middleton, asks her to be his fake girlfriend, she agrees. Amy is certain she can resist the attraction of this man who holds a secret.

But is Amy as strong as she thinks she is? Will the truth of Dan’s past tear their love apart?

Just One Kiss has so much to cheer for, and it’ll stay in my head for quite some time. Amy is a wonderful heroine, full of determination and spark and quiet charm.  The whole setting and rural romance flair was conveyed very nicely too. It had a thoroughly authentic feel.”

“The setting is so real and adds a whole other dimension to this author’s work.”


After her brother’s death, the last thing Lizzy Wilmot wants to do is to return to her family’s property but Alex Carter, his former business partner, needs her help to locate some missing files. Alex doesn’t trust Lizzy and the feeling is mutual but when they find themselves back at the homestead in the midst of a bitter custody battle for Lizzy’s baby nephew, sparks begin to fly.
Who is trying to harm Lizzy?

Can they both learn that trust will overcome heartbreak?

“Susanne Bellamy wrote a great story. I could visualize myself on this isolated cattle ranch where danger waits to strike.”

“Heartbreak Homestead by Aussie author Susanne Bellamy is an excellent romantic suspense novel – filled with gripping tension, I raced through the pages as first one thing then the other made my heart race. The amount of suspense in this story made it an entertaining read, and I highly recommend it.”


The first time they met Detective Caleb Richards snapped handcuffs on Sarah Tait and she vowed never to forgive him. But when he seeks her help to find a kidnapped thoroughbred stallion she becomes his unwilling assistant.
Sarah sets out on a marathon endurance ride. As Caleb tags along, he realises that the horse whisperer has deeper secrets than he’d ever suspected.

Can he uncover Sarah’s secrets and win her trust?

“What’s not to like about a story that involves horses, the Australian Outback, a female horse-whisperer with a streak of stubbornness, a swoonworthy cop, and a mystery to solve?”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the tense ride.”


When famous actress, Willa Raynolds, comes home to the Australian outback to film a mini-series, the last person she expects to see is her first love, Jax Heathwood. Their breakup was unpleasant and he is the last person she wants on the set. Jax, an army major, is on injury leave and to his dismay has been seconded to provide technical advice on location for Willa’s series.

But when Willa is the subject of a stalker, Jax’s protective instincts kick in with a vengeance and he realises he’s never got over her.
Who wants to harm her? Can Jax keep her safe and convince her to take another chance on them?

“An emotional roller-coaster ride, a gorgeous wild setting, an irresistible hero, a strong heroine, and a happy ending that makes me sniffle.”

“Susanne Bellamy is such a great story writer. This is an “everything ” story with lots of romance, mystery, great characters, great setting, and good flow of writing.”


Trying to be both father and mother to his young daughter, Harry Douglas has no interest in a new relationship. If he had known that helping Briony Middleton on a lonely Outback road would put his closely guarded secret at risk, he wouldn’t have played the white knight.

Briony has no time for relationships; her focus is on avenging her grandfather’s ill-treatment at the hands of a big mining company by gathering photographic evidence of wrongdoing and stopping a proposed super mine.
But as fate and Harry’s daughter keep throwing them together, what will Briony do when she discovers Harry’s secrets?

Wild about Harry is another smile-inducing Aussie romance that I’ll remember fondly for a long time to come.”

“There are layers within layers in this intriguing story, guilt, grief and family relationships gone sour. A thoroughly enjoyable read.”


Running from her past Samantha Greenwood joins the staff at Mt Isa Hospital. But even the remote western town might not be far enough away for her to find forgiveness.
There has always been an Alistair on Esmeralda Downs, but Jeff Alistair’s injury is putting his future in jeopardy. He will lose his family’s vast grazing stud and his birthright unless he can get back in the saddle.

Can two broken people find love and healing amid the lonely hills of Esmeralda Downs?

“If you enjoy fast-paced, sweet romances with a lot of sparks, authentic characters and a healthy dose of love for the outback, then you should give this book a try. It tugged at my heart strings in more ways than one and tells a story of family as much as of courage and healing (not just physical, but emotional as well).”

“With all of the action in this book, it’s surely a future hit for television.”