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Her Imaginary Husband300dpiNew teacher Nikki Fallon is trying to ward off unwanted advances from the hunky football coach. She should…

a) slap him silly.

b) report him for harassment.

c) invent an imaginary husband.

“It’s a fun read, with an engaging heroine and likable, well-drawn secondary characters (the loyal best friend, the guilt-tripping mother, and a variety of students who turn out to be not nearly as stereotypical as they appear to Nikki at first glance).”

“I read the book in a day and I was instantly pulled in by the humor, the wit, the great writing, and how likable the characters were. This is a clean, lighthearted romance that keeps the reader engaged through the very end. I loved that the book wasn’t too heavy, avoided being sappy, was smart and nicely paced.”

Author note: Back in college, I worked at a grocery store in the deli. It blew me away that creepy guys thought I had to put up with their obnoxious flirting just because I worked in customer service. I took to wearing a fake wedding band to send the signal that I was unavailable. I often wondered what would have happened if I had carried that ruse forward into my next job as a teacher.