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Noelle hates everything about Christmas, including her own name!

Christmas has only brought heartache for Noelle, year after year. After her tragic breakup two years ago, Noelle fears God may want her to remain single forever. Then she finds the love of her life… a Golden Retriever named Abby. The sudden attention of two men from her father’s company is both enticing and confusing. But who can compete with the undying devotion of a dog?

Reeling from yet another tragic loss during the holiday season, Noelle determines the best way to deal with the painful reminder. Run!

“A beautiful, heart-warming story that makes you believe again in the miracle of Christmas. It has romance, friendship, family bonds, love for stray animals, strong beliefs and spirituality.”

“All of Tamie Dearen’s characters have one thing in common that I find absolutely interesting as a reader. Somehow they embody the frailties and concerns of human beings as a whole and in each book are strengthened by their weaknesses either through their faith, through their own courage or through the love and example of others.”

This Christmas, Haley Martin may be harder to catch than her runaway dog.

Haley has a chance at her dream job working for Holiday, Inc. There’s only one drawback. Her ex-boyfriend, Gavin Holiday is her supervisor. Seeing Gavin again makes her heart pound and her soul ache, yet Haley knows he deserves someone better. And her secret crisis of faith is only one of the reasons. Add one very recalcitrant Basset Hound to all her other problems, and it looks like Haley is going to have a real hangdog holiday.

“Haley (the main character) deals with an illness that would normally create a heavy, depressing novel, but the book was so lighthearted and addressed the illness with a beautiful perspective. I loved the depth of the characters. They are relatable in their human flaws, but also characters that you fall in love with.”

“A perfect read to get me in the Christmas spirit!”

Author note: I love Christmas! I love the decorations, having family around, giving gifts, and eating all the Christmas goodies. Most of all I love celebrating our Lord’s birth. So when I decided to write my first Christmas novel, I knew it would have to be a Christian book. I simply couldn’t leave Jesus out of Christmas, even in a romantic comedy. However, not everyone who loves Christ enjoys Christmas. I was inspired to write about a girl who feels the opposite of me–a girl who hates the Christmas holidays even though she’s a believer. But perhaps this Christmas, Noelle will change her mind.