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He’s haunted by the past. She’s running from the future. One chance encounter will change them both.

Three years after his sister’s death, Reuben Radford’s once idyllic family is crumbling. Between his mother’s madness, his father’s criticism, and persecution by his own guilty conscience, the future has never seemed more bleak. He needs an escape. But who can he trust when the secret he carries is trying to destroy his very self?

The daughter of esteemed English upbringing, Maggie Archer has spent life dreading family obligations, no more so than the day her mother insists she select a prestigious husband. Except Maggie has lived with the effects of her parents’ own loveless marriage for too long. She vows never to lose her heart in the same way, but is she prepared for how much that promise may ultimately cost her?

When Reuben and Maggie’s paths unexpectedly collide, circumstance takes them on a voyage that forever changes their futures – and themselves. Will their choices set them free or will one reckless decision send them both down with the ship?

“A new take on an interesting period! Makes you think about your ancestors and how your family came to be where they are now or where you might be if a single moment were different…”

“A very entertaining book that made me think differently about the social norms from that time period. Historical fiction has a way of transporting you to a different time and place but making you realize that people from the past aren’t that different from those we know today. The more I read of Across Oceans, the more exciting it became. And yes, it left me wanting more.”


After suffering too many tragedies and one enormous betrayal, Reuben and Maggie thought they could put their complicated history behind them in America. But when the past comes to call, they know that nothing will ever be simple again. As secrets are revealed and old wounds opened, one all encompassing question may be their downfall: Which path do you take when the person you are isn’t who you were supposed to be?

Author Note: While this novel may be read as a standalone, it is highly recommended to read Book 1 – Across Oceans first. Twisted River examines the fine line between what makes us and what breaks us, and the happiness we all must find in the most unexpected of places.