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When Sarah Palmer finds herself back in her little hometown of Loraine, Nebraska, with her young son, who was part of the town’s biggest scandal in its 125 year history, and a basement full of sculptures she couldn’t sell in Chicago, her only thought is how she can get out again fast. That is, until a certain dark-haired equine veterinarian sweeps her off her feet.

Marty Scott can’t keep his mind off the short, little spit-fire with the tough exterior and a heart as soft as a kitten. Once he figures out the way past her defenses, he thinks it’s just a hop and a skip to the altar. That is, until a new scandal is born out of tragedy.

Sarah tends to run from her problems. Marty is a problem solver who prides himself on his solutions, but sometimes even the best problem solver gets stymied. Sometimes the answer needs to come from a higher power.

“The perfect book for romance lovers. There is the usual boy meets girl thing going on, but in this book, each character has a story from the past, to bring into the present, to share, to grow from, to learn from.”

“The characters are so well developed, that they “speak” through the pages. Horses, kitties, relationships… all run amuck; with surprising results! A MUST read!”

Author note: The opening scene finds Sarah Palmer flying off a horse and hitting the hard ground. This happened to me when I was giving a horse I was considering buying a test drive. Lucky for me (and Sarah), I only injured one small body part, although it could be a conversation starter! That was the spark that started me thinking…