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temperanceI blanch and nearly falter at the sight. Bigger than a grand piano, is our uninvited guest. This creature is very different than the crustacean from evening last. Putting a few of his too many legs on the upstairs rail, the grotesque aberration looks down upon us. Several clusters of eyes, much like bunches of grapes, seem to spin with happy and dizzy thoughts of yummy consumption. Many pairs of slathering mandibles work and click in fevered expectation. What appears to be an enormous, slavering Black Widow spider props itself up on the rail of the landing. It looks down upon us with delight, for all the world like some horrific family pet. Despite the creature’s bloated size, it leaps to the ceiling of the grand entrance hall, scurries across the wide expanse, and drops its bloated weight upon us.

“Fans of adventure-filled love stories will enjoy this unique Steampunk twist!”

“Monstrously Amusing, Quirky, Charming & Just A Lot of Fun!”


Like the last edge of a wave, as it plays itself out along a beach, it pushes a foamy froth before it, and then leaves a bubbly trail behind as it returns back into the ocean.

Only this wave does not subside back into the ocean. It continues to push and crush and pick up more rubbish to play with, substituting trees, rocks, boulders, and hundreds of monkey monsters for its foamy lather flotsam.

“Charm, fun, adventure, love and action, all in one!”

“Our Author continues to have a way with wonderfully colorful characters.”

“Twas the hand of fate that brought Miss Plumtartt and me together, for in truth, we have been happenstance stricken and adventure prone ever since.”

“What I thought of was War of the Worlds comes to Alabama, which is funny to me but made for an intriguing angle.”


A Study in Temperance300

“‘Twas the hand of fate that brought Miss Plumtartt and me together, for, in truth, we have been happenstance-stricken and adventure prone ever since.” -Ichabod Temperance, For the Love of TemperanceSuch is the case once again as Ichabod Temperance and his lady love, Miss Persephone Plumtartt, are hurled into adventure and mystery. This time, they return to Persephone’s ancestral estate in England, where they hope to enjoy a much-needed vacation. However, fate has other plans for the young couple, as a series of murders close in upon the innocent pair.
“A Study in Temperance by the charmingly Southern Ichabod Temperance whirls past like a spinning top, from start to finish. Delightful light reading as well as a lesson in propriety in nineteenth century England.”


inalatitudekindlecover300The adventure prone Ichabod Temperance and his capable cohort Persephone Plumtartt are again hurtled into baffling mystery and hair raising intrigue. A dangerous mission exposes an unspeakable danger to the safety of the entire world. Assisting our brave protagonists is an amazing cast of extraordinary and charming individuals. Thrilling action in this humourous ride to once again save our imperiled planet from certain destruction carries Ichabod and Co. to uncharted waters of surprise and terror.

“Ichabod Temperance weaves a tale of many dangers, filled with tongue-in-cheek characters who will keep you either rolling your eyes or laughing out loud at his artistic talents. This time, our wordsmith adds sounds, lots of sounds, over and over sounds, which if read quickly out loud would make for great tongue twisters. His characters are again, over-the-top quirky, but endearing in an unusual way.”


Ichabod Temperance and Persephone Plumtartt are once again caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and danger! New friends and old join our plucky heroes as they struggle to protect planet Earth from unspeakable ruin in the form of an overwhelming zombie cataclysm!

What’s this? In the midst of their most trying ordeal, Icky and Persephone have a tiff? Certainly, this is a novel full of calamity!

“Once again, at faster than a speeding Zeppelin’s pace, with colorful characters, colorful dialogue and a plot filled with more twists and tangles than a bag full of yarn, Mr. Temperance brings his adventure to life with the imagination of a true wordsmith.”

Author note: I got my ideas for this series while doing stunt work on an independent film that turned me onto the genre of steampunk. Steampunk in general encourages a person to develop a persona for himself. With a persona comes a backstory and thus a fire was ignited to start writing.