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Interior designer Amanda Billings is plagued by nightmares but determined to press on as if her ex-boyfriend hadn’t turned her world completely upside down.

After grieving for a year, ad man Mick Thompson believes Amanda is the one to make him forget the fiance who dumped him and prompted his move to Kansas City from Napa Valley. As Amanda begins to transform his depressing life right along with his sterile apartment, Mick is ready to jump on the relationship road with her, only to find out that the past is tagging along.

“I started this book thinking it would be a cute mending-broken-hearts love story. I was totally wrong! This book caught me off-guard and I loved it!!! The events played out like a movie in my head and I’d couldn’t put it down.”

“The book was very well written, I felt like I was actually there, and experiencing a few “heart stopping”, “heart pounding”, and “bawl your eyes out” moments made the book come alive for me.”

Author note: Way back when I was pregnant one hot summer, I was taking my usual short-cut behind some store to get to some other store only to find that the way blocked by a truck unloading. The driver was obviously tired of waving people away, as he was being ridiculously rude about it. I sat there a minute in my hot, pregnant state before turning around, grumbling all the way. I thought later that I should have gone and bought the man a Coke. I wondered if it would have made any difference to his day to have a waddling pregnant woman bring him a gift. Some years later, when I was going to try my hand at writing a novel, that little incident came back to me. For a romance, I had to have a reason for my heroine to be pregnant and a new man to witness this event. Maybe it would be a pivotal moment in their relationship. It just grew from there.