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Deficient vampire scientist John Grissom is determined to overcome powerful peer of the realm, Lord Waite, a vampire bent on the rise of the Order of the Blood. Set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic war, Grissom teams up with his intrepid assistant, Henrietta Isherwood, and veteran vampire hunter, Gerhardt Van Helsing, on a rollicking cross country adventure that has them solving puzzles, surviving vampire-proof dungeons, and attending masked balls. Can Grissom turn his own vampiric deficiencies to his advantage, or as Grissom fears, will Lord Waite’s superior strength and speed make all the difference?

“This is a short novel, but every word counts. A lot happens in this book and I am impressed by Zaplendam’s ability to world-build and create distinct–and likeable–characters with such economy.”

“As someone who has never read anything in this genre before, I was skeptical at first. After the first two chapters or so, I was totally hooked. I have not been so enthusiastic about a book in years.”

Author note: It always bothered me that anyone could be turned into a vampire through no will of their own and all of the sudden they were the embodiment of evil. That didn’t make sense. I ‘m a realist. I thought, if vampirism were actually a viable thing, what would that look like? I think it could look like this.

If I had to compare this work to something, I would say it is most similar in style to P.N. Elrod or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (if it’s permissible to compare one’s self to so great an author). If readers enjoy the movie Van Helsing, Dracula, or Underworld, they’ll likely enjoy Order of the Blood. The nice thing is that my book is clean, though, so no worries on that front.