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Juliets-Journey-eBook-Cover-for-webJuliet Carlsen is mourning the death of her mother. She has travelled to the northern Italian village of Baiardo to volunteer at an art school in the hope that a change of scene will help bring solace or at least a new perspective. Sunshine, serenity and general sense of ‘dolce vita’ begin to weave their magic. The attentions of a local architect named Luca boost her confidence. Then Juliet notices tiny cracks in the smooth surface of village life: sly looks, gossip with a nasty edge and off-colour comments. The arrival of her ex-fiancé, a property developer with big plans for both Juliet and Baiardo, thrusts her into the centre of a drama which could destroy the fabric of a place she has come to love.

“I ate this tale up! Here’s a mix of personal healing, vindication, some underdog themes, and even a believable, heart-warming romance.”

“I feel as though I have been on vacation in Italy, and I very much enjoyed my stay in the mountain village of Baiardo. The sights, the food, the people, the language…I was immersed in a place without moving from my arm chair.”

Author note: I spent two weeks in Baiardo in 2007 – it truly is a beautiful little village but there was tension about a prospective development. In 2008 I spent five weeks at an art school in Tuscany – I’ve mixed the two together.