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Faryn Montphish is on track to graduate with honors from the Academy of Magic—until her dream internship blows up in her face. She thought she’d been recruited to excavate ruins in the enchanted Caladoner desert. Instead, she’s expected to rob a temple and steal the Ring of Twelve, an artifact with the power to control natural disasters. It’s also the only thing standing between the explorers and a cult of mages raising a storm that will destroy the world’s magic—and usher in a new order forged in forbidden blood arts.

Even if Faryn manages to avoid the temple’s traps and retrieve the ring, wielding it will require a mage of unique and terrible ability. Someone like Faryn’s cousin Cora.

Cora thinks she’s going on her honeymoon until her husband reveals their marriage is a sham and forces her to join the temple expedition. There, the magical bond legalizing their marriage mingles with the desert’s own enchantment and stirs Cora’s slumbering powers to life. Cora has the strength to conquer the Ring—but only if she reconciles her relationship with the husband who has rejected her.

Facing the end of the world, Faryn and Cora must test the limits of courage and sacrifice—or face the destruction of everything they love.


“The romance is fantastic. It’s clean, but still steamy, and there’s plenty of it! There are two romantic story-lines. One is a sweet and humorous fall-in-love-while-saving-the-world story-line, the other is an arranged marriage loaded with tension and chemistry and all kinds of chocolatey goodness. Swoon-worthy from beginning to end!”

“Love the magic. They don’t explain it to you like you are a simpleton instead they just immerse you in the world of magic as if you were always part of it.”


With the storm dispersed and the blood mages defeated, Cora and Damorin set off on their deferred honeymoon. But their personal lives get put on hold again when the details of their desert mission are splashed across the empire’s leading tabloid. To allay the suspicion heaped on him as a new sand mage, Damorin agrees to become the crown prince’s bodyguard. But this entrance into the royal family thrusts Cora into a world of darkness and intrigue beyond anything she imagined—and with the leaders of the blood cult still at large, even her wind magic may not be enough to save her.

Faryn’s plans for happiness are also overturned when Shaun accepts an undercover mission that threatens both his life and their love. Faryn has more to deal with than a broken heart, though—enrolled at the empire’s most elite school for magic, she’s received orders to get close to the son of a proven blood mage. As she gets to know Gavan Minato, Faryn wants to believe him innocent of his father’s crimes. But her compassion for him may endanger her mission–and her life. Because Gavan cannot escape the cult, and his plans for Faryn may drown them both in blood.

As the noose of intrigue tightens, Cora and Faryn must fight against the knives in the dark—to save themselves, to defend the ones they love, and to escape a betrayal so deep it could fracture the heart of the empire.


“The world-building in Blood Traitors is astounding. From the Glass Crater Lakes to the game of bun-snigger, every detail is finely drawn and creates a rich, lush atmosphere that draws the reader in and immerses them in the story.” 

“I love Cora, older than your usual teenage hero she is much more relate-able to me. Especially since she is smart and pragmatic. This is beautifully balanced against her insecurities.”