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long hard lookIt was one of those days when breakfast wanted to be cheap whiskey straight from the bottle.

A short, fat banker. A willowy, buxom blonde. Phil Brennan’s latest client is the former. He prefers the latter — until he gets to know her better. She and her family back Brennan into a corner. His only way out is to choose between truth and love.

With this family, there’s a third choice, just for good measure.



“Tight plotting, excellent dialog, well-drawn minor characters. However, for me, the best thing about the book is the hero. Phil Brennan is likable, someone you want to spend time with, and there were spots where his self-deprecating humor made me laugh out loud. It’s a new voice, and one that deserves to be heard.”


“I really enjoyed A Long, Hard Look. It has a very likable not-so-heroic hero, realistic characters, humour, mysterious situations, frustrating situations, nice situations, and a bit of craziness!”

Author note: I revere Raymond Chandler, the greatest mystery author ever. I cut my mystery teeth on Agatha Christie. I’ve combined the cozy aspects of Christie with the convoluted plots about strong but troubled people from Chandler.