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similarJustin has a deep, dark secret—he likes that most despised form of literature, the novel. His favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice, and, especially, Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Intelligent, lively, fiercely loyal Miss Elizabeth. How he would love to meet a lady like her.

Clara’s favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Intelligent, steadfast and willing to admit when he is wrong. Can a man as splendid as he exist? And can she find him?

One day in the library, they both check out copies of their favorite book. When Justin bumps into Clara, the magic of their similar taste in books just might make their wishes come true.

“This is a little gem of a read. The story is well researched and transports you to London in 1818.”

“Anyone looking for an upbeat, sweet Regency courtship tale will find this story just the thing. The Pride and Prejudice quotes are icing on the cake!”

Regency gentleman Mr. Laurence Coffey doesn’t care for libraries and novels. His interests run to steam engines and mathematics. But his friend found the lady of his dreams at the library over a copy of Pride and Prejudice. Laurence yearns for a lady of his own, one of wit and cleverness as well as beauty. And while he doesn’t expect his friend’s luck, visiting the library can’t hurt.

Miss Ellen Palmer uses her skill with mathematics to help her inventor father and brother build steam engines, but, unfortunately, many men frown on bluestockings. She loves the library and its mathematics books as well as its novels, especially her favorite, Pride and Prejudice. How she would like to find her own Mr. Darcy. Perhaps someday, somewhere, she can discover a man who wants an intelligent woman.

At the library, they both reach for a copy of Pride and Prejudice at the same time. Can their mutual interest in numbers—and this particular novel—make their dreams come true?

“Linda Banche has an individual and humorous way with a story and her Regencies, though fairly short, are well written and lively.”

“A book to read without stopping. Each chapter a smile and a sigh.”

Not one, but two of Mr. Frank Wynne’s friends found the ladies of their dreams at the library over a copy of Pride and Prejudice. Magic? Divine providence? Hardly. Coincidence or luck? Perhaps. And to prove or disprove the possibilities, he’ll go to the library and read Pride and Prejudice. Day after day after day. To his surprise, the book is funny, and he does like that Bingley chap. His lady doesn’t appear, though. Of course not. But still…

Miss Felicity White adores Pride and Prejudice. But while most ladies swoon over Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley is the man after her own heart. Happy, good-natured, cheerful, outgoing Mr. Bingley. She loves him so much, she even rewrote Pride and Prejudice from his perspective. Now, if she can only find a gentleman like him…

“This is a super story, full of deft touches and humour.”

Author note: I wanted to try out indie publishing, and A Similar Taste in Books was the result. Since I write comedy and Regency, the story is a Regency romance with comedy. I must have had Pride and Prejudice on the brain because that book is the catalyst for my hero’s and heroine’s meeting. I also love libraries, so I have them meet over the book in the library. Since this book became a series, I have all my heroes and heroines meet at the library. And I put a duck in each book because I like ducks. Quack.