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magianThe Punkers moved towards us, and Amity and I were forced to back down the steps. When we reached the bottom, they formed a ring around us, all flying just a few inches above the ground. With their shoulders almost touching, they locked us in and began to rotate slowly around us, like a hovering wheel of stupid. Except that they all either had Water Balls or flaming thumbs. We’re not supposed to use any magic on campus except Flash Jumping to get to outbuildings for classes, but I knew no one would really see what they were doing. Amity and I found ourselves back-to-back like the trapped heroes in the movies always do, except that I knew we didn’t have any awesome moves to bust out with.

“The power of love and showing our affection and appreciation of others is an important theme in the story and handled beautifully. The romance is honest and sweet, and Kincaid and his pals are kids you’d love to have as neighbors and friends. The pitfalls of strict societal class divisions are dealt with deftly as well, never over-powering the story, yet illustrated clearly.”