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georgetteDevorah Asher is blessed with beauty, brains, and a great collection of Georgette Heyer novels. What 30-year-old Devorah doesn’t have is one of the most highly prized commodities in her Orthodox Jewish community—a husband. Even when an eligible man does appear on the scene, she fumbles the opportunity by falling off a chair…and landing in Miss Heyer’s Regency England.

“Just when you start to think, where is this going, you get taken on to an interesting twist. I just loved the use of language. Schaefer did her homework regarding language and customs authenticity and it is fun.”

“I also enjoyed learning more about what it means to be an orthodox Jew and the challenges these people deal with in both 21st century life as well as those faced in regency England. The romance is sweet and the time travel aspect was fun.”

Author note: I started reading Georgette Heyer novels during a difficult period of my life because they provided pure escapism. Because Miss Heyer’s novels are so rereadable, I began cycling through them every year or two, until I could quote many passages by heart. At some point I thought–What if? What if someone who is addicted to Georgette Heyer novels, a someone who is also an Orthodox Jew, ends up in aristocratic Regency England and goes through her own “Georgette Heyer” experience. From there, the plot snowballed. I then decided to write this book as homage to Georgette Heyer, who created the Regency romance genre. The 40th anniversary of Miss Heyer’s death is July 4, 2014.