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A job posting far from home, lands traveling nurse Mercy Mares smack dab in the middle of a murder mystery. With unreliable witnesses and mistrusting local townsfolk pointing their fingers at her, Mercy has to wiggle her way off the suspect list and find a killer before the locals send her on another trip – straight to jail!

“One of the best thing about this novel is the plot! I swear with each page being turned, the conspiracy theories inside my head gets more and more! It’s like watching an episode of BBC’s Sherlock!”

“Ava has conjured quite the whodunnit for us here. I was constantly choosing my suspect then changing my mind, concocting all sorts of motives but I was WRONG every time!”



Hollywood starlets, wealthy travelers, and a psychiatric facility – what could go wrong? If your name is Mercy Mares, traveling nurse extraordinaire, everything can and will go wrong.

When a security guard is found dead minutes after Mercy and he have exchanged words, she becomes suspect #1, and proving otherwise will be the most difficult thing she’ll ever have to do. Can she dodge the growing media attention and find a killer before he strikes again?

“This is a quick read and as always I found myself laughing out loud.”


An accountant is found dead, traveling nurse Mercy Mares’ young charge has gone missing, and her canine companion, Barney, is up to no good. It’s all in a day’s work for this feisty nurse, but if she doesn’t find the boy fast, she’ll be out of a job. Before Mercy knows what’s happening, her quest to find the wealthy heir leads her to the murderer and a conspiracy to steal all of his family’s money. Can Mercy rescue the boy and catch the elusive murderer?



A girl’s getaway is just what traveling nurse Mercy Mares needs to unwind. With her best friend Ruby and her daughter in tow, they set off for a Bed & Breakfast that promises nothing but rest and relaxation, but when one of the eccentric owners dies during their welcome dinner, Mercy finds herself mixed up in a tangled web of whodunit, and a heaping spoonful of chaos ensues.

“So much for rest and relaxation! We are introduced to new characters, who are exactly that~ characters! Ms. Mallory did an excellent job.”


Mercy’s favorite curmudgeon, Nubbin Schmeckpepper, has gone missing and everyone believes she may have something to do with it. Now, the traveling nurse has to traverse halfway across the country to find her wayward friend and return him to safety, but doing so only leads to more questions than answers and more problems than Mercy may be able to handle.


After narrowly escaping a confrontation with a former hot-headed employer in front of a large crowd of eager Trick-or-Treaters, all traveling nurse Mercy Mares wants for her Halloween night is a night in front of the television, catching up on some of her best-loved shows.

Before the night ends, Ruby’s haunted house becomes a crime scene, and Mercy’s former employer is found lying face down in a giant tub of apples. Would-be apple bobbers are convinced that Mercy is to blame.

Can Mercy and her over-zealous best friend Ruby clear her name and catch a killer before he or she strikes again?

“This is a fun Halloween romp with great characters, a good mystery, and plenty of fun. Loved it!”

“It reminds me how Lucy and Ethel from I love Lucy always found their way into trouble, usually without trying.”


Traveling nurse Mercy Mares is up to her eyeballs in donations for the town’s annual holiday celebration. Every nook and cranny of her house and all of her friend’s and neighbor’s houses are overflowing with gifts for ill children in her local hospital. It’s all she can do to keep track of what is what and who is who.

On the night that she and her merry band of helpers are to deliver these gifts, everything, including gifts she bought for her loved ones, simply disappear without a trace. Now, Mercy has to find the thief before those who appointed her this year’s Mrs. Claus find out that they’re missing and dozens of children are left disappointed. Enlisting the help of her reluctant loved ones, Mercy has a humdinger of a mystery to solve in a flash in order to save Christmas.

Author note: I was a nurse for 20 years prior to becoming a full-time writer. This book series is dedicated to every patient I had the pleasure of caring for and every nurse I worked side-by-side with. The characters are an enhanced version of some of the real-life characters I met along the way.