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When Nani awakens in the jungles of Brazil, she has no idea who she is or how she came to the tiny missionary hospital. But soon she and her new friends are carried away to the world of Milana and find themselves under threat from the Hunters of Avoria.

As they seek to unravel Nani’s past and find their place in a new world, the group is forced to align with one of the Hunters. Can they trust him? Will they offer him a chance at redemption?

“I liked the blend of faith and fiction and the happy medium she was able to find with her characters, detail, and plot. Christian fantasy isn’t easy to write, but Anna Travis makes it look easy. That’s a wonderful, wonderful gift to have.”

“Travis presents a smoothly crafted tale that incorporates magic and mystical surroundings with adventure and intrigue.”

Bits and pieces of Nani’s shattered memory begin to return and she learns that her task of restoring the six Pillars is not as simple as she had hoped.

The broken Pillars are scattered across the world, and Nani and Tai realize their quest must take them out of the Border Mountains and far beyond the province of Avoria. They and their friends seek refuge in the hidden Mari Kai village of Talaris and search for a way across the border and into the nearby province of Bayrudaal.

Can they piece together enough of Nani’s memories to make sense of the world around them and discover who their true enemies are? What affect will the Pillar of Light have on Alexi? Should the B’nli fear the people of Bayrudaal, or seek their aid?

“An allegory off-world adventure comparable to Narnia in scope and fun! I love how smoothly this continues the story from the first book, not forgetting little details. It’s clean, with well applied scripture, and plenty of action throughout the adventure.”

Author note: When I was a kid, I loved Narnia. I took it really, really hard when I found out that C.S. Lewis was dead, and there would be no more! So I spent a lot of time in the woods, making up my own world, which gave me a lot of ideas for the Milana Legends.