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wide open spaces, cadee brystal

Shelby Sweetin has moved to Miller’s Bend to establish herself as a professional newspaper reporter, and runs smack-dab into trouble in the form of Riley Wheeler. The man with a wicked smile and caramel brown eyes can sure get to Shelby even though she proclaims she has no interest in him. Besides, since uncovering an embezzlement plot, Shelby is fully occupied trying to unravel the mystery of who is behind the crime.

When the criminal starts making threats, and then attacks Shelby, Riley rushes to her aid. But his bad-boy image has Shelby keeping her guard up, until the friendship of the townspeople help her see Riley through her own eyes, rather than that old, worn out image which he had been trying to shed. 

“Loved this Christian romance – Cadee Brystal really delivers!”

“I really enjoyed this story and cared about the characters. The dialogue is excellent. Small town living comes alive.”

Breaking Free, cadee brystal

Andrew, a divorced single father, has his doubts about Allison when she arrives in town and comes between newlyweds, Riley and Shelby. But as Andrew gets to know Allison better, he discovers that reaching out to her in Christian love also helps heal the emotional scars from his failed marriage.

Unlike Shelby, Allison wasn’t raised in a “churchy” atmosphere, and now she has finally reached a point where she’s ready to consider reaching out toward God, in whom her friends find comfort and strength. Just as Allison is beginning her faith journey, and Andrew is breaking free of pain, forces from the past threaten to snatch their happiness away. The friendship forged between Andrew and Allison will be tested as they face the new threats, work through letting go of the past disappointments and heartaches, and learn to truly trust each other.

“Heartwarming yet with intrigue.”

“A great Christian message and is full of romance in a clean and healthy way. It deals with some very real issues (such as divorce) in a Christian manner.”

Settling Down, cadee brystal

Matt learns that he can let go of trying to control everything and be responsible for all those he loves. He also learns that some of the lessons life taught him when he was younger were wrong.

Ashley is surprised to learn that her fast-paced life isn’t as fulfilling as it once was. With the help of her friends, she learns the joys of living small and loving fully.

“It’s Christian, clean, involves mysteries, and is fairly priced. It’s worth the time and effort!”

Taking Care, cadee brystal

Chrissi’s plans had been clear. She selected her college and her major. Her career was planned out. But after a trip to Chicago, everything changed. The vibrant, outgoing woman shriveled away and was replaced by a quiet, pensive one. Now, instead of college and travel, she considered staying in Miller’s Bend.

Tyler had spent years denying his feelings for Chrissi, his best friend’s little sister. But when she returned from Chicago in obvious need of a friend, he couldn’t resist offering his support. What he learned rocked his commitment to set her free. 

Author note: I cannot pinpoint a single inspiration for the books. What I can tell you is that I did not set out to write a series! Characters developed in my mind, and they demanded I put their stories into type. I know that it sounds crazy, but I’d wake up in the night with a scene or dialogue running through my mind. I’d sit up and type until it was time to get our children up and ready for school. Sometimes, when I would look at the manuscript hours later, or days later, I’d think, “Wow! I don’t remember writing that!” It was really amazing.

If you are tired of reading stories about people who have never worked a job, magically possess an endless supply of money, and are equipped with ineffective moral compasses, I invite you to come and visit Miller’s Bend! I hope you will enjoy my clean fiction novels with romance, a touch of humor, and Christian worldview.