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Crystal Clipper Cover

Deaf teen David Nickerson’s life is in crisis.

His mother has died in a car crash and his sister Sally, now confined to a wheelchair, has mysteriously disappeared. Desperate to find her, David experiments with sacred crystals and accidentally conjures the supernatural clipper ship, Moon Singer, which transports him through time and space on a fantastic, dangerous journey to an uncharted, mystical island.

The people David encounters all have a soul connection to him, their lives destined to intertwine. Strangely in this other world, David finds he can hear for the first time in years. This gift foretells his destiny: to explore the contrast between good and evil and to save a life that means more to him than his own.

“It reminded me of my feelings when first seeing The Wizard of Oz in my early youth. The Crystal Clipper is a beautifully woven modern fantasy.”

“Like fine music, it has a real smooth rhythm… a beautiful tale!”



The unwitting hero and captain of the mystical sailing ship, Moon Singer, has yet to learn that his deafness is his greatest gift. This “disability”, along with his possession of three sacred artifacts: The Singer Crystal, The Rose Crystal and The Wind Rose Compass, bestow David the power to save the lives of everyone he loves.

Yet he feels that all the miracles he brought home on the Moon Singer have dissipated. He’s just as deaf as before, his sister’s paralysis has returned, and his anguish over his mother’s death is stronger than ever. At his mother’s grave site, David unleashes the power of his crystals and is transported to Coronadus, where he encounters a revered woman who wields the power of life and death and helps David understand his karmic mission.

When a cataclysmic event occurs, David discovers that the past, present and future know no boundaries in the unending circle of life, and that he must follow his destiny, wherever it may lead.

“Author Barbara Roman has the unique ability to paint colorful mind pictures with her words making you feel you are participating in a movie. She is able to draw you into the story as though you are actually there keeping your attention glued to every scenario.”


Can music actually create and destroy life?

If David, whose deafness still eludes treatment, cannot hear it, will he be able to tap into music’s power to save the planet from catastrophe? Only if he is able to reunite the three sacred artifacts: the Singer crystal, the Rose Crystal pendant, and the Wind Rose compass.

Their Triune energy is all that David needs to re-harmonize the destructive discordant music created by a vengeful music master. The mystical clipper ship Moon Singer is David’s transport to the Source of his paranormal abilities, but only through his complete understanding of the Power of Three to Become One will he manifest his destiny and once again save a life that means more to him than his own.

That understanding will come to him when he deciphers the cryptic musical codes that have been created for evil purposes. In unraveling these codes David will come to know his own soul’s song, the one that allows his disability to become his greatest gift.

“The best of the series. I like the way Ms. Roman blends spirituality and the healing power of music to give people hope for overcoming the challenges of daily life.”

“Symphonic in structure and in mastery of themes and variations, B. Roman has created a tale for young adults that is not only an uplifting tale but also one with philosophical grounds that should encourage all readers to view life anew.”

Author note: I actually own a Singer crystal, shaped like a small sailboat that inspired the The Crystal Clipper. In pondering its energy a story began to take shape and it guided me through writing all the adventures. Because I have a music background as a singer/composer/lyricist, music is integral to story line. The entire trilogy concerns the power of music to heal, to represent love and truth, to create and sustain life – or to destroy it. I researched music as a healing power, and various crystals and their mythology. For David, I researched what kind of illnesses could have caused his deafness, what types of hearing aids and other devices he could use to function normally in life, and what treatments were available. David’s ancestors were ship builders and his father a designer of modern ships, so I had to research this industry and artistry as well.