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Becca McGee suspects the Rogue Trust is a hoax, possibly a challenge to her faith, and she views the lawyer involved with mistrust and suspicion. And yet, she’s attracted to him. 

“It is complete with mystery, romance and stories of friendship and family. This book also reveals how as Christians we should pray and seek guidance to follow God’s plan for our lives.”

“She has the Oklahoma weather down as only someone living in Oklahoma would know. I hope there will be many more sequels to the Myrtle Hill series.”




The heiress and lawyer battle City Hall on behalf of the homeless women sheltered at Lucy’s mansion. They agree to give romance a second chance, but the heiress’s 12-year-old daughter insists that second marriages are bad for kids and the lawyer is haunted by the past, his and hers. 

“I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Christian Romance or mysteries.”

“Couldn’t put this one down…You will have to read the book to understand…”


Marie is honored to be Becca’s matron of honor. Still, as her heart burst with joy for her best friend, she struggles against envy and hides the painful emptiness she feels for herself. As Becca’s and J.T.’s wedding date nears, Slade Turner comes on the scene as the best man. There’s chemistry and strong attraction. Is he the answer to Marie’s prayer for a second chance to have a family? 

“I was choked up during the final chapters and just flat out cried at the end. It was a beautiful, touching book that anyone can appreciate.”

“This book gives you insight into love,friendship,the foster system, and adoption. It shows that if you truly love with God`s love you can overcome any obstacle placed in front of you.”


Author comment: I would say that people who liked Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel might like my books although there are no heavenly beings in the cast yet. My characters help people with needs as God brings them into their lives. I think of the characters who do this as earth angels. People who like Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series, and Hannah Alexander’s Hideaway series might like my books because the characters in these books are connected in a circle of friends and family in a community.