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When Abram Perez asks Natasha Kelly to put her exceptional courier skills to work for the nation of Israel, he mentions that several men have disappeared or died already in the attempt to carry uncut diamonds from Africa to the Diamond Institute in Israel.

Natasha thinks her wide-eyed dumb blond routine, along with several disguises, will be just what she needs to thwart the enemy’s plans. Apparently, these terrorists don’t take too kindly to dumb blondes…

“Felicia Mires plops the reader into a world of terrorism and spies, where faith can conquer all evil. Wonderfully written book with a strong female lead.”

“This book is wonderful! I was never bored and I didn’t want to put it down. Great read for anyone looking for a good Christian series that keeps you intrigued on every single page.”



Natasha Kelly enters the world of espionage when she flies to Israel to join the ranks of the Mossad, Israel’s elite National Intelligence Agency. For the time being, the interests of Natasha’s heart will have to wait. The rigors of Mossad training leave her battered and exhausted, but it’s oh-so-soothing to receive letters and flowers from movie star heartthrob Dirk Sloan as he continues the bid for her heart from an ocean away.

When terrorists move against her family in Houston, Texas, and then kidnap Natasha, nothing will keep Dirk from finding her. Together, they unearth centuries-old artifacts that could ignite the political tensions in the Middle East. Has Natasha got what it takes to be Mossad? Has she finally found the man God has for her?

“As a former Intelligence Officer I must commend the author on great research.”
“What a good read. After the first story I feel the characters are great friends. I so enjoy reading of their exploits while solving a fascinating riddle and saving the world from terrorism.”



Natasha Kelly finally gets the marriage proposal she’s been waiting for from movie star/MI6 operative Dirk Sloan, but he’s called away on an undercover assignment. When he disappears, it will take all her Mossad training to track him and get him back alive.
That may not be enough. Dirk’s been injected with a plague virus, and when he awakens from a coma has no knowledge of Natasha, MI6, or his status as a world-renowned movie star. His recovery to full health is a long process. His continued desire to be with Natasha may take longer. There’s no way she can tell him he’s supposed to love her, marry her, and spend his life with her when he can’t even remember her name. Can Natasha risk everything she desires to trust God?

“I love the way she captures your attention with the Bible, and the believabilty it has is a draw in itself!”

“Totally intriguing and full of innovative twists and wonder. Creativity an A+”


Natasha Kelly is thrilled to finally spend time with her fiancé movie heart throb Dirk Sloan until they learn that her handler in the Mossad, David Benjamin, has gone missing on an undercover mission. They fly to the Canary Islands to take part in a desperate rescue attempt.

Natasha barely touches back down in Israel when her brother Katir calls to say Natasha’s best friend is in trouble. Tennia is in Africa aboard a plane filled with Lemba Jews bound for Israel in their first Aliya. They may never make it when Islamic terrorists take over the plane.

Natasha goes on board as a replacement airline attendant, but what can a lone woman accomplish against bombs and armed invaders? Quite a lot when she’s been trained by Mossad.

“Felicia Mires writing leaves you thinking about your own religious practices without being preachy.”

“This series is full of interesting and intriguing characters and scenarios. I did not want this book to end!”


What Director Ravin wants Natasha to do could bring the wrath of her fiancé Dirk Sloan down on her head. She can’t go off on another mission without letting Dirk know, but Director Ravin is adamant. Natasha has a price on her head as a result of her actions against an Islamic terrorist. She’ll be safer traveling in the camps of the desert Bedouin, right under Yaakov’s nose.

However, what starts as a pretend engagement to Yaakov’s Bedouin guard Hassan, another Mossad undercover agent, turns into a hasty Bedouin wedding when a rival clan offers to buy Natasha. Yaakov attempts to keep the peace and garner favor by sponsoring an elaborate wedding. There’s no way Natasha can refuse or Hassan and his entire family will be killed.

“The characters jump off the page and the writing sucks you into the adventure.”

“The love for the Jewish people is evident and the story line is very believable.”




When someone takes a shot at Dirk, Natasha is certain it has something to do with a missing nuclear warhead. After Natasha pulls a gun and takes down Dirk’s assailant, pictures appear in the news. Dirk decides it will be safer for his career if Natasha is seen in less violent circumstances. He sends her to Israel to attend a wedding with his sister.

Things go from bad to worse when Mossad operative Jadon Ashdod joins Natasha and Renee. His cover’s been blown, there’s a price on his head, and he takes to Renee like a man who’s never seen a woman. Of course, the tabloids get it all wrong when they print photos of Natasha and Jadon. Dirk’s about to lose his cool, man-about-town facade. But that isn’t all. The Director of Mossad tells Natasha there’s a treasure to be found before a terrorist can get his hands on it. Who is involved and can she trust those around her?

“Never have I been so drawn into books as I have with this series. It has everything from intrigue to romance to learning facts from ancient Bible times. You feel as if you are a part of the story as the characters come alive on the pages.”


Mossad Spy Natasha Kelly can scarcely wait for her upcoming wedding to Dirk Sloan. But she can’t escape the niggling feeling that she’s under threat from the price on her head. Can she stop the terrorist Yaakov before he has her assassinated? That might become a moot point when she confronts the head of Mossad and loses her job. What will Dirk say when he discovers she’s taken off alone on another mission to prove her point? Is the wedding on hold permanently?

Some things might be safer left buried, particularly when it might ignite political relations in the Middle East. Have Natasha and Dirk discovered ancient proof of Israel’s ownership to Jerusalem or the answer to the treasure trove listed in the Copper Scroll?

“Felicia Mires has done her research and the plot to her continuing story with Natasha is very believable and will keep you wanting more.”

“Another book that is filled with all the romance, adventure and intrigue that a person could want.”


Author note: Each book in Natasha’s series requires hours and hours of research, sometimes for days on end. I investigate the procedures of Israel’s Mossad on a regular basis, weapons/ammunition, advances in spy technology, the locales my characters visit, life as a Jew, and whatever topic is specific for each adventure. I researched the diamond industry of Africa, the shipping channels of Houston, Texas, genetics and Egypt during the years of the plagues mentioned in Exodus, electromagnets, the Canary Islands, Lemba Jews, the lifestyle of the Bedouin, how to produce a movie, and the lost treasure of the Copper Scroll.