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notoriousAbyss, a new and mysterious gang, has moved into the valley and people have started dying. Nate’s girlfriend suddenly disappears and the gang is targeted as the cause. Will Nate succumb to the pressure to get the job done by any means necessary and become part of the problem?


“WOW! Yes, WOW! It is that good!”

“Being a baptist myself, I love the christian atmosphere the book breathes.”

Registered sex offenders are turning up dead, killed with violence and forethought. The community divides. Some call him a modern day knight – others curse him. With the city threatening to tear itself apart, will the killer fulfill the calling, or will Nate stop the killings before another victim turns up on the DEAD LIST?

“Ray Ellis has a way of putting you right there as the action moves.” 


“Extremely well written.”

insidiousAn accusation is made, charges leveled, and Nate finds himself suspended, the focus of every cops fear… the Internal Affairs Investigation. With friends turning away and no support, the question is, will Nate’s faith be enough? Where do you turn when the attack is coming from the inside?


“I was very impacted by this novel as the author highlighted encounters where Christians’ faith is tested. The warfare of striving to do well while being encamped by evil forces is encountered by many on a daily basis.”


“As the story unfolds, I find myself surprised at the different twists and turns, but each one drew me in even more. It was quite a surprise ending–never underestimate how the Lord works through events in our lives!”


Author comment: The inspiration for the Nate Richards series was born of my 25 plus years of experience as a street cop/detective and as an ordained minister. The concept is my attempt to explore what it is like to see the world from behind the eyes of a cop with a strong belief system.