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As far as the forces of magic are concerned, Sir Percy doesn’t exist. He’s the only night in Ithelia who didn’t merit a fairy at his christening. He goes through knight training without rescuing a princess or being transformed into a frog, and everyone is quick to point out, he’s as ordinary as dirt … so why does the sheltered Princess Matilda want anything to do with him? Surely Percy can’t be the Prince Charming needed to rescue her from the schemes of evil fairies.

At Matty’s side, Percy embarks on a cross country quest with the end goal of saving a princess, but even he thinks she’s got the wrong guy. What Percy doesn’t realize is that sometimes the ordinary things are the most extraordinary things of all.

“So good I read it twice and enjoyed it even more the second time!”

“If you are looking for the perfect little fairy tale to read during a cozy evening by the fire, or on summer beach, you have found the right tale. From master storyteller H L Burke comes a wonderful story of magic, humor, and a journey of self-discovery for a humble knight named Percy.”

Author note: An Ordinary Knight is actually a rewrite of a book I wrote about ten years ago. At the time, I was single and lonely, so I made up a love story involving the perfect knight, who wasn’t necessarily the most charming or flashy individual, but who had strengths I wanted in a man, like intelligence, kindness, and loyalty. I made a few changes to it to appeal to a slightly younger audience during the rewrite (for instance, I took the main character’s age from 20 to 17 and made him a little less self-assured to match with this), but it still has a message of a person’s character being more important than their ability to make fancy speeches or big gestures.