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Faith Coverby Annie Boone


Book 1: Faith Finds a Way


Faith’s life has become boring and predictable. She’s the oldest daughter and she’s always been dependable and sensible but she thinks it’s time for a change. How far is she willing to go?

Sweetwater Creek, Georgia is recovering very slowly after the Civil War and the few men left in the small one-horse town are unacceptable mates. Her sister wants to go to Atlanta, but that doesn’t feel like the right move for Faith. Her mother doesn’t want to leave at all since her father’s grave is there.

Aaron is a single father who hasn’t recovered from his beloved wife’s untimely death. He’s depended on his in-laws to help him raise his motherless children, but he knows he’s got to take steps to be the father his Mary would have wanted him to be.

These two come to an agreement that neither of them truly understands until they’re in the middle of it. When the truth finally hits them, things hit a few snags. Will there be a magical union or will the two be unable to manage their differences?

“A really good hopeful and inspirational story.”

“A great lesson of how to cover people’s attitudes be with love and kindness.”

“Beautiful faith-filled story. Sometimes stories of faith are predictable…not this one.”

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Hope CoverBook 2: Hope Makes a Decision


Hope Barnesdale moved to San Jose to be with her family. She’s almost positive she’s made a mistake. She thinks she wants to move to Atlanta to open her dress shop. But she’s not sure. Her brother-in-law makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Will this make her happy or bind her further to a town she isn’t comfortable in?

She meets the dashing Andrew Fenton and he sweeps her off her feet. Their romance happens quickly. They seem to be destined for marriage and possibly a business partnership. But as fast as it started, it was over.

As Hope struggles with her faith and trust in God, she’s on a track to disappoint her family and many of those around her. Will the barriers she puts up also keep her from the man she loves?

“I loved how sweet and clean it was but I loved the discussions on Faith the most. With God nothing is impossible!!”

“A delightful read.”

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Charity CoverBook 3: Charity Gives Her Heart


Charity is the youngest sister of Faith and Hope. She’s lived in their shadow all her life. But she shines so brightly on her own. Her spirit is sweet and loving. She’s a peacemaker and a leader in her church.

Who could be a better match for this parson’s daughter than a parson’s son? Eli has accepted God’s call to the ministry just like his father. He’s passionate about caring for those who need him and God’s love. When he meets Charity for the first time, there are definitely sparks.

Trouble is, when tough decisions need to be made, these two are too afraid to make good choices. They fall back to old ways. It’s a rocky road when Eli leaves town to go to the church he is expected to lead. Charity meets new suitors and Eli doesn’t keep in touch. How can this young couple find their way back on to the path that God has shown them?

“After finishing Charity Gives Her Heart, I find myself thinking of the time when courting meant so much more. I love the way Annie can transition to another time and way of life so effortlessly.”

“The story itself was compelling, but what I really enjoyed was the spiritual development of the three main characters; Charity and her two suitors. Each was at a different place in the beginning, and the author brought about their transformation in a natural and believable way.”

“So full of God working things to the good of each girl in very different ways. I could see a little of myself in each girl.”

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Helen and Albert CoverBook 4: Helen and Albert Committed

Albert had an influence on his daughters long after he was gone. But what about his love story with Helen? What happened before the girls were born?

When they first met, Helen and Albert felt that immediate spark. She knew he was different than the other men she knew. Soon she was going to find out just how different he was. His choices caused them to struggle when they didn’t have to, but his motives were pure and not prideful.

Understanding the love story of Helen and Albert and their commitment to each other will help you see just what Faith, Hope, and Charity came from. Love.

“Very Inspirational, so touching, absolutely beautiful!”

“Having read the books about the daughters first, it was interesting to see the lives of the mother and father. Reading the other books first you could see the deep faith of the mother and father had been passed to the children. Faith strong enough to be willing to give up all worlds riches to follow God is truly amazing.”

“This prequel is so amazing.”

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CIR: What inspired this series?

BOONE: I grew up with three sisters who were preacher’s daughters. I had the chance to spend time with them at a reunion after many years apart. I was reminded of how much fun we had and also how much growing up with them had influenced me. I loved who they’d become as adults and had to find a way to use their personalities in one of my stories.

CIR: What did you enjoy most about writing this?

BOONE: Definitely the chance to reminisce and embellish. One of the sisters told me to be sure to tell the story of her middle sister the right way – she was the one who always pushed the envelope. We had a good laugh over that one.

CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?

BOONE: I loved all three girls, but Hope is the one I identify with the most. She questioned her faith. She didn’t try to be something she wasn’t. She was honest. Sometimes it’s harder to tell the truth and then make changes than it is to cover the truth and never get to the place you need to be.

CIR: What was the hardest part of writing this story?

BOONE: Oddly enough, the fact that Albert wasn’t around for his daughter’s teenage years was sad for me. The story would have been much different had he not died, but it was hard to know that he wouldn’t see his daughters grow up.

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