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queenDoes the secret to the origin of Mankind lie within the Great Pyramid of Mars? In this alternate steampunk adventure, the technical genius, Nicola Tesla, invented an anti-gravity coil that made steam-powered spaceships possible in the last decades of the 19th century. But the British empire, and the other western colonial powers have powerful extraterrestrial enemies no one suspects even exist.

“A completely original, eclectic story.”

“Highly imaginative and well written… It could be the basis for a fun summer blockbuster movie.”

 Lilith of Gomorra is a noble Martian priestess who sees love as nothing more than an exercise in naked carnality. But when she discovers a higher form of love, her faith in the ancient religion turns to doubt, and she must choose between her people and the man she loves. The fate of the Earth hangs on her choice.

“This sort of fun pulp fiction reminds me of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Dune, and even Avatar.

Author note: It got a 5-star rating from Christian Fiction Online AND Gnostalgia, a Gnostic Christian website (they also gave it their 2012 Crow Award) That’s like having both Dan Brown and the Catholic Church endorse your book.