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Steve died late in the old world amid plagues, wars, crime, pollution, natural disasters and violence. Suddenly Steve is alive, young and healthy. The world he has been brought back to holds no more threats – no pollution, no diseases, no crime, no wars. He is just beginning to understand what life is really supposed to be like, what Earth’s true potential is.

But Steve wants more. What did he miss? How did history work out? How were the Bible’s prophecies about Armageddon fulfilled?


“Concise and realistic. Wholesome and entertaining. Page turner, read it in one day.  A really nice way to leave the stressors of this system for just a little while. Also an encouragement to keep on the watch and end.”


“Very thoughtful and realistically written about how events quite possibly could unfold. While we have to wait to see how things will transpire, the author gives much to ponder over how events will actually take place.”


Author Note: What does Armageddon really mean? Imagine a post-Armageddon world where survivors, instead of clawing out an existence and fighting each other, work together. Imagine they begin to rebuild this decimated planet into the the paradise it was meant to be? Now imagine that, as their work progresses, people who had died in the old system begin coming back to life. 

What questions would you want answers to?

What prompted the cry of “Peace and Security?” (1 Thessalonians 5:3)
What was the beast with seven heads, and how did it destroy Babylon the Great? (Revelation 17:16)
What was the sign of the son of man? (Matthew 24:30)
Who or what turned out to be Gog of Magog? (Ezekiel 39:1-6)
Who survived Armageddon, and who didn’t?
On his first day back to a vigorous and vital life, Steve is about to get satisfying answers to all those questions.