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Delaney Anderson is a confident, successful digital media executive living the dream in the heart of Manhattan. She has everything a modern woman could want -husband, home, wealth, connections, and a killer corner office overlooking the city. She’s on track to make vice president in another few years.

But Delaney is also a woman with a story, one that’s been locked inside her for most of her life. When that story starts banging to get out, life begins to unravel. A perfunctory marriage leads to an affair with a coworker. A painful and expensive divorce leaves her suddenly uncertain and adrift. When the death of a family member forces her to return home after many years, she gears up for a fight with the ghosts of her past. But she runs head first into the grace of God in the form of an old family friend, an unexpected church, and a disconcertingly kind man. She receives revelation from an unusual source and finds the courage to speak her truth and drop her chains. Through Delaney, we learn that we all have a story and that letting God redeem that narrative is the only path to a life of purpose.


“Wow. Just wow. If you’re tired of a superficial life, one lived in shallow-ended safeness from stuffing down unresolved hurts, thinking you’re not good enough to live in the abandoned freedom found in God’s no-matter-what love – then this book is an absolute must.”

“We all know a Delaney in our world or can relate to parts of her journey in some way or another. Lea Sims writes in a way that invites you in to see that everyone has a story and that if you only knew the entirety of it you would see them and their choices differently. The behind the scenes knowledge you have allows you to cheer Delaney on as she navigates her journey. It was wonderful to see not how Delaney’s story ends but rather how it truly begins…”


Author Note: This book involves the redemptive journey of someone who has been through childhood sexual abuse. Certain scenes/memories may (and likely will) be triggers for those who have had similar experiences, but this book is written with the strong goal of providing insight, healing, and freedom for those who have suffered from abuse.