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Once Miranda, her little sister Cassie and Jason were inseparable—homeless teens standing together against the rest of the world. But those days are long gone. Unable to deal with the ghosts of her past any longer, Miranda abandons her life and everyone she knew, determined to carve a new identity. She thought nothing could make her go back, but when her beloved younger sister Cassie is in a car accident, she discovers she was wrong.

As Cassie fights for her life, Miranda has to try to pick up the pieces of the destruction she left. And face the inner turmoil she’d always tried to deny before it permanently destroys any chance for happiness.

Jason swears his friendship with her is ruined. But as Miranda and Jason worry about Cassie, they start to rediscover each other and learn how to forgive. But with so many scars separating them, how can they learn to trust each other again?

“THIS novel is the reason I read books. An absolute MUST read.”

“Beautiful and poignant story of friendship, survival, and the power of forgiveness.”

What happens when the past threatens the future Miranda and Jason fought for?
Miranda thought she finally had it all — love and a family. But when a rich and successful ex-lover from her past surfaces, Jason’s insecurities flare up.

Unable to bear watching Miranda give up her dream because of finances, Jason decides the only way to give her dreams back is to walk away.

Fighting through doubts and betrayal, Miranda refuses to surrender Jason — but will she be able to salvage their love from the wreckage, or is it already too late? 

“This book is beautiful. No review could possibly give this story what it deserves, this series is like finding the pearl in an oyster.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much this book AND Ms. James have made me want to do something more. The ultimate compassion that is shown from these characters to people in need really makes you think about if you’re doing enough for other people.”


One terrifying, emotional mission to return a family heirloom sends Cassie on an unexpected search for the person she never knew she needed. 

Luke is tough, strong, and was once the best cop in town. Until the mob took away the one person he ever wanted. Now he’s trapped in fear over the man he’s become. 

Cassie wants to bring him redemption, but fears she will never open her heart again. Each is the only one who can understand the other. If they’d just let their walls down.

“I never get tired of this authors storytelling ability, and this one is just as endearing and engaging as the other two in the series.”

“What a great series! The characters are believable, their emotions and experiences are fraught with tension and excitement. I loved each character; they were flawed and beautiful.” 

Author note: The story about overcoming strife is one that resonates with me. I lived it myself. Wrecked and Yours is a story about three homeless kids, and how they navigate life. As adults they reconnect, and it’s messy, like life often is. It’s their season to make a choice, look at life honestly and deal with it, or continue to run away. I absolutely loved writing it. I hope it resonates with the readers because we all have an important story of what we’ve overcome.