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Ivy’s husband is a cheat and a liar, but when he gets caught up in a game of espionage and flees the country with his latest bimbo, Ivy has finally had enough. She packs up the kids and moves back to her hometown to escape the fallout. Trouble is – her problems don’t stay behind in California, but follow her all the way to Omaha, Nebraska.

Agent Samson Sinclair is assigned to keep an eye on Ivy. He is her only ally against threats and suspicions that come from every side. But can he keep their relationship professional when he finds himself falling for the woman he’s supposed to be protecting?

Ivy’s attempt to assemble the broken pieces of her life may prove harder than she anticipated. Especially on her own. Will her husband’s secrets push her over the edge or into the arms of grace?

“I absolutely love everything that is going on in this story! You find yourself cheering, smiling, holding your breath, chewing on your lip, and simply enjoying the book the entire way through!”


Brenna has lived most of her life just left of the right side of the law, but her past is finally catching up. Her father, who she hasn’t seen since she ran away at sixteen, suddenly wants to reconcile, and in exchange for a clean slate, the FBI has a job for her. They want to place her undercover in the home of a known drug lord… as the nanny to his two spoiled children.


Will the secrets she discovers bring absolution from the past she’s tried so hard to leave behind, or simply tear her heart in two? 


“As the story progresses the author casts a net of characters around Raven, each with their own story and skillfully draws in the net, encircling Raven with men who are strong in their faith.”

Author note: I’d like to compare Running Home to Silence of the Lambs, but it doesn’t have any serial killers, cannibals, human skin collectors, or swearing. Actually, it’s more of a Hallmark movie with sweet romance, lots of suspense, a little espionage, and a single mom willing to do anything to keep her kids safe.  Alias Raven Black is sort of like an episode of La Femme Nikita but without the clandestine underground government agency. I just used the FBI. It was simpler.