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Lisa Richards has a dream. And a secret. In league with the clandestine Montebelli Corporation, she grasps her one chance to accomplish her plan to help revive the town her ancestors helped settle. Maintaining the mystery surrounding her activities becomes a huge undertaking, putting all she holds dear at risk. Including her life.

“From beginning to end, it keeps you guessing and in complete suspense. Add in a mixture of mystery, drama, and romance and you have the perfect book to escape in. The characters are dynamic and I immediately fell in love with them.”

“There are Christian themes, but I never felt put-off by their prayers or discussions about God. They made me joyful actually, instead of preached to.”

Orphaned in 1888, Adriana Montebelli’s life is swept along at the whim of forceful men who decide where she will live and who she will marry. Instead of breaking her, their cruel deceptions toughen her resolve to take control. Though she rises to manage the vast Van Buren estate, she wonders if her broken heart will have the strength to love again. 

“A beautifully written story full of suspense, love , and page turning action. It will leave your heart beating so fast, you won’t know what hit you!”

“I loved how God surprised her. Written with a Christian worldview, Adriana’s Secrets was an overall enjoyable read. I will savor the mental images for days.”


Author note: I searched for historical events occurring at the time of Adriana’s Secrets and in or around the setting, which is southern Oregon. Fascinating things were happening in Ashland and Talent for Women’s Suffrage. I even found a diary of a school teacher who lived in Talent where my grandfather and his family lived. It described his wife traveling on the train to Ashland to attend a suffrage meeting.