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Taking a vacation can be murder…
Deena’s vacation went so haywire, this book includes TWO stories!

Deena needs a change of pace and takes a trip to the North Carolina mountains to blow off some steam. A secluded rental cabin in Shady Springs and her dog, Zip, is all she needs for her great escape. That is, until a body is discovered behind the cabin and Deena discovers there’s more going on in the small mountain town than meets the eye. She’ll need to get to the bottom of it before her new friend takes the fall.

Deena and her dog, Zip, have been enjoying some time off in the North Carolina mountains. Things have finally settled down and all is serene. That is, until someone ends up in the dog house

“A nice combination of mystery, budding romance and animals too!”

“Another great series of short stories from this author. Hard to put down once I started it. Love the new Shady Springs family. Can’t wait for the next story.”


Deena and her dog, Zip, are enjoying the last few days of vacation in a small North Carolina mountain town. An afternoon at the Shady Springs art show sounds the perfect way to relax with some new friends.

That is, until a body is found and the whole town is turned upside down.

“These short stories are fun to read and keep you from putting them down until you finish, and then you cant wait for the next.”

“Zip is growing up, learning new things so much fun.¬†Great series.”


Deena has been working hard to build a small landscaping business in the small town of Shady Springs. The North Carolina mountains have turned out to be the perfect place to settle down. Good friends, great surroundings and a chance to spend lots of quality time with her dog, Zip. Things have finally come together.

That is, until an assignment to plant flowers goes completely awry…

“Mary Hiker is an excellent writer. This was a good mystery as well as a good dog book.”

Author note: This series was inspired by a combination of things. First, I love writing cozy mysteries and having a good laugh, Second, I spent several years as a search and rescue K9 handler and thought it would be fun to show the trials and tribulations a brand new handler experiences. The main character in the book trains to become a K9 Handler as the series progresses. Finally, Border Collies are hilarious.