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eccentricsWhen Maisie Peterson leaves university in 1976 without a job to go to, she decides to help her mother save her large and impractical country property in the wilds of rural Dorset by trying her hand at self-sufficiency. Ma is just a tad eccentric, though, and Maisie has no clue about farming. Her efforts are thwarted at quite a few turns by a flock of willful sheep, a dotty aunt, a charming but ineffective boyfriend and a swarthy, but highly desirable agricultural auctioneer. 

Christmas acts as a turning point in the family’s fortunes. Will they win the struggle to keep the house and land? Or lose it all because of the animals’ antics and a certain character with vested interests in another agenda?


“A quirky and funny portrayal of English country life: I absolutely loved this book. After reading it three times it still has me in giggles and occasionally in tears. It is honest and funny and leaves you with the feeling that you too would like to pack it all in and head for a farm to breed your own sheep and eccentrics.”


Author note: It’s a bit of a mix between James Herriott’s books about being a vet in Yorkshire and The Good Life sitcom that used to be on British TV.