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She begged God to rescue her. He said, “Go.” So she headed out into the blizzard. In a car that wasn’t exactly hers, with a dog who wasn’t exactly a rat terrier, she drove. Until she ran out of gas in the small Maine town of Mattawooptock. Mattawoopwhat? What on earth is God thinking? But it is there, in a weird little bathroom in a weird little church in a weird little town that Maggie Hansen finds herself. And as God would have it, she finds a lot more than that.

“If you’re looking for a well-written, amusing, touching, and believable story with quirky characters, you’ve come to the right place!”

“Refreshingly honest with a lot of heart break as well as love. Great book, exceptionally well-written. It portrayed the humanity in all of us, that helping one person can make all the difference in their life for the better. Everyone in this life has the ability to turn around their lives from negative into positive.”

Open Door Church has served as a homeless shelter for more than a decade, but when their pastor dies unexpectedly, those who remain struggle to take up the reins to keep the ministry going. And then there’s young Daniel, who seems to be working miracles in their midst, which of course, isn’t possible. Or is it?

“I couldn’t help but feel the emotions…anger when things weren’t going right, sadness when there was sorrow, happiness when things were right/how things should be, and my cup of faith is overflowing.”

“The book was excellent and brings up ideas to actually benefit a lot of people. Daniel was so humble and open to serve God.”

Author note: Three different churches in my area in Central Maine operate as homeless shelters. I think this is amazing, and just wanted to tell a story about a church that opened its doors to people in need.