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Alexis Ferguson has been abandoned by every supernatural loved one in her life, and she can’t even remember why. In fact, she keeps having memory lapses. She’s sure that finding out why is the key to finding the others.

Meanwhile, she must live with her family, pretending to be human. She tries to ignore her basic paranormal needs, and begins to waste away. Alexis nearly takes out her entire family at a holiday meal. She knows she needs to take care of herself, but can’t find the motivation until another supernatural steps in, concerned for her well-being. He’s gorgeous, so what could go wrong? Other than the fact that he’s a rival species …and her teacher.

“SILENT BITE is another book in the TRANSFORMED SERIES. I have to say that each installment sucks me further into Alexis’s life. I’m really involved with all these characters—their problems, their triumphs, their very existences—and the world that they live in.”

“Alexis is amazing, and Stacy’s writing leaves us craving more.”

Author note: This is part of my Transformed series, but works as a standalone. The main character, Alexis, has a series of memory losses during one of the books, and Silent Bite takes place during that time.