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Crime doesn’t stop at the city limits… In a small but affluent upstate New York town, Grove Park detective Pete Webster learns of two seemingly unrelated incidents… a missing-person report and an accidental death. At first, he views the new cases as a welcome distraction from his increasingly troubled personal life…and then another prominent local woman disappears seemingly without a trace, causing the entire town to take notice.

As Webster and his colleagues explore the possibility of a common thread, the investigation reveals a shocking entanglement of previously secret lives, crimes, and romances. Within days Grove Park is thrust into the national spotlight as search helicopters circle overhead and a media horde descends upon the once-tranquil village.

The ever-widening probe soon requires the support of a task force of county, state, and federal agencies, and the local interest evolves into a national media sensation, fueled by the stunning revelations that become an almost daily occurrence.

Webster’s unpredictable quest to solve the case while dealing with upheaval in his private life becomes a page-turning thriller filled with fascinating characters, set in unique locations.


“W.H. Herman has created a captivating multi-layered story with authentic characters and picturesque descriptions. If you like a well woven story that has intrigue, suspense, and depth, then you will love this book (I know I did)!”


“Compelling drama, an excellent read – Herman kept me guessing until the very end.”


Author Note: This novel has been very well received by book clubs in Orchard Park and Buffalo, New York, as well as a group called Bookies for retired teachers.