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When the Brightstar family leaves fog-shrouded and predictable Mira III for Cyraria, they have no idea their comfortable lifestyle is about to end forever. Only Laren understands the risks that lie ahead, but even he is shaken when, long before the starcruiser arrives, shocking events transpire that threaten to change everyone’s life. He soon discovers that his ruthless and power-hungry nemesis, Augustus Troy, plans to exploit their situation to promote his own selfish ambitions. Formidable and lethal challenges await as increasingly suspicious circumstances scatter the family across the galaxy, each wondering if they’ll survive long enough to be reunited ever again.

“There are subplots galore that will satisfy the appetite of the hardcore sci-fi audience.”

“Classic battles between good and evil of the universe.”

The Brightstar family, targeted by political forces that have separated them far and wide, center their hopes on daughter, Creena, the only one who remains off-world. Her efforts to save them are thwarted when the authorities impound her ship, imprison her companions and refuse to let them depart. With no choice but to adapt to the strange culture in which she finds herself, she grows more attached to this backward world than she ever thought possible.

“Marcha Fox does transport you to outer space, way into the future, and you will believe you are there with the Brightstar family.”

“I can’t turn a page without picturing the story in my mind and visualizing each character. With each novel in this series I read I find myself cringing on the edge of my seat, laughing out loud, and worried for each character.”

Following a harrowing prison break the entire Brightstar family plunges into a world of intrigue as the Integrator’s hold on the planet tightens. Finding refuge in Cyraria’s underground network of caverns to survive Opposition, it doesn’t take Dirck Brightstar long to discover these are no ordinary caves. With the caverns located deep within enemy territory, the risk of being discovered not only threatens their personal safety but assures Integrator victory if cristobalite crystals fall into enemy hands. 

“The story itself keeps you chained to the book from the first to the last page.”

“A highly intelligent and prolific read. You really get a feel for the author’s experience given she had a career at NASA.”

Author note: As a physicist myself, I prefer science fiction that is based on fact and existing theories.  Thus, what I’ve done with Star Trails is to include science lessons in the context of the story.  On my website I have included a section for parents and educators which points out the different precepts included chapter by chapter with suggestions for additional discussions on the various topics.  I’ve had at least one teacher read and review them who agreed they would be an excellent learning tool. These books have an expansive vocabulary, not only as far as the science is concerned, but also with various terms unique to the planets and cultures of the characters.  To aid with that, I have also compiled The Star Trails Compendium, which is a glossary of terms as well as background information on the planets.  This information is also contained on my website.