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My name is Gemma Keyes. Other than my name, I am utterly forgettable—so those who never paid much attention to me in the first place haven’t exactly noticed that I’ve disappeared. Vanished. Oh, it’s much more complicated than it sounds. And let me tell you, being invisible comes with its own set of problems.

“An OUTSTANDING read.Characters are so real you can feel the emotions. The technical portion is well researched and sources are quoted at end of book. Good insight into nanotechnology that most people don’t know anything about.”

“Not only are these books entertaining, but they are informative and very inspiring. I wish I had known these characters in real life.”


Author note: I worked for the Department of Defense’s Nuclear Weapons School on Kirtland Air Force Base here in Albuquerque. Among other things, the school taught military personnel how to respond to nuclear or dirty bomb attacks. Part of the school’s instruction was conducted in the old Manzano Weapons Storage Facility where much of the nation’s nuclear stockpile was once stored. The Manzano facility is composed of a labyrinth of tunnels carved into a small mountain located on the base. The facility inside the mountain was built during the Cold War and includes some very secret “devolution” caverns. Those devolution sites were intended as safe locations for the president to direct the government in the event of a nuclear attack. They were later abandoned without ever being used. They sit empty today. The first time I set foot in the tunnels I thought, “This is the setting of my next book.”