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He’s hiding a secret. She’s afraid to trust. One chance meeting changes everything.

When school teacher Kelsey St. James is robbed on her way home, a handsome stranger comes to her rescue, turning her world upside down. With eyes that can see right through her and a dimpled smile that makes her weak in the knees, it would be hard not to fall for him. But she’s moving to the other side of the world in a month. She can’t fall in love—not now—no matter how much he makes her heart flutter.

Keeping his secret life as a prize fighter separate from his billionaire persona is easy until Mitch Prescott saves a beautiful woman from a back alley mugger. He never counted on meeting the woman of his dreams while undercover. She assumes his secret identity is his only identity, and he’s not sure how to set her straight without scaring her away.

She thinks she knows him, but he wants to prove that he’s so much more.

“Wow, I was grabbed at the start and did not want to put it down. Love the story and the characters, both was well written and realistic. I fell in love with the two main character. Kelsey, a school teacher, and Mitch , a billionaire who has a secret life. This is a sweet story that will have you trying to read faster to see what is going to happen next. There was a few times i caught myself holding my breath.”

“As in any relationship there always seems to be trouble. Funny just how scary that trouble can be to a person over billions of dollars and how they can get to shook up by it. The nicest part in this book is how many great and humbling things that the money does and how the characters learn to love each other as they develop.”

“Mitch and Kelsey are a great couple. I love to read about tough, strong, gentle, and romantic men. I was happy that Kelsey was able to overcome her fears and help Mitch keep his demons away. Great, fun story!”


He’s trying to outrun the past. She’s racing toward the future. Too bad they’re going in opposite directions.

Billionaire race car driver, Raul De Luca, spent the last decade dealing with guilt from his father’s untimely death. Convinced that fatherhood would only remind him of inescapable pain, he lives life in the fast lane, burying old desires of becoming a family man deep inside. Now that he’s met the woman of his dreams, he can’t wait to marry her and live his jetsetting lifestyle with her by his side.

School principal Marie Maranzano doesn’t need a lot out of life, but motherhood definitely tops her list. When a fairy tale romance with a famous billionaire starts to get serious, it’s time to bring him home to meet the family and start planning for the future. When she receives a call to take in a foster child, she jumps at the opportunity, convinced that her big hearted boyfriend will be just as thrilled about it as she is.

When two competing visions of the future collide, Raul has to find a way to break free from the past or risk losing his forever love.


“This is truly a wonderful story that explored many emotions and really keep me reading in one sitting. The story flowed so smoothly and made me become invested in these two characters.”

“I rarely get even teary eyed from a book, much less have tears run down my cheeks; but Kristen Iten managed to accomplish that. Don’t get the wrong idea–I was deeply touched, not sad. I loved the characters–Raul, Marie and Sam are very well developed. Watching Sam open up to the idea of a better life was extremely emotionally satisfying as was the transformation in Raul’s life. There are some incredibly romantic dates and a fantastic HEA.”

“I loved the characters and their imperfections, I loved the sweet story, clean romance, and happy ending. It’s also really fun to see characters from past books, and maybe get a glimpse of another we’ll see in a future book.”


Author Note: I already had a clean historical series out when I started writing this book. This title was my first contemporary book, and was so much fun to dive right into! Writing contemporary vs. historical is such a different brain space.