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The year is 1892, and Giovanna is a young widow struggling to raise her daughter on her own. Hard-working, beautiful, and honest to a fault, Giovanna’s dreams of a life with her husband, Frank, were cut short when he died soon after they arrived from Calabria, Italy, four years earlier. Now Giovanna must find a way to help her sick daughter, Rosa, before she loses the only thing she loves!

Laars Gundersen has broken from his family in Minnesota to work a claim in the Dakota Territory. He needs a wife, but his work ethic and cool Nordic ways don’t leave much time for children.

Will Giovanna find the love she deserves and be able to care for Rosa before it’s too late?

“Thanks to Ms. Dove for pointing out the fact that people from all sorts of nationalities helped to settle the American west.”

“I loved the courage of a mother to do what was right for her daughter.”

Meet Nathalie Luxe, a young German girl alone in New York in 1893. She wants to fight for her late grandfather’s business, but instead has to travel to South Dakota to help the failing business of Isadore X. Maduro — NO marriage intended!

Isadore is a dreamer and intellectual, studying for the law, who is struggling to keep his father’s store afloat. He needs money and a wife–but will take either one.

Will Nathalie’s heart soften as she experiences the friendship and love of the people in her new adopted town? Will Isadore’s commitment to justice override his passion for Nathalie just when she needs him the most?

“You will be entranced by Nathalie’s and Isidore’s story.”

“Endearing book!”

Author note: I was inspired to write this series by the incredible stories from my own family of European immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The idea of moving further west after coming so far from their home countries intrigued me, and I have always loved prairie and pioneer love stories.