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Stormy cover small for webMaggie and Frank belonged together from the start, or so it seems. Two good people living good lives and loving the Lord above all others. But it wasn’t always that way. They each have dark secrets that haunt them and they aren’t sure if they want to share them, now or ever. Their faith and trust in God will determine their fate, but can they endure the test? 

“Heartwarming story with endearing characters you will wish you knew in real life. Relationships blossom in the midst of common “what if” self doubts. The presence of God is ingrained in the story in a way that brings belief in His powers to guide you even if you aren’t as active in your own pursuits of prayer.”

“It was such a inspiration to read about people who wanted to be in a good relationship with God and each other! I enjoyed it from the start to the end.”


Frank and Maggie Porter are still enjoying their honeymoon phase as they settle into married life. Maggie is enthusiastic about Frank’s dream to build a homeless shelter and they both celebrate as work begins at the site donated by their church. The shelter is progressing at record speed until an arrogant workman starts trouble that could halt the project.

Maggie’s fashionista sister, Christina, has formed a friendship with Harry and they often meet for dinner and coffee. Christina finds herself falling for Harry, and is shocked when she thinks he only wants to be friends. Determined to find out for sure, she has to rely solely on her faith, courage, and maybe a trip to the mall.

Maggie and Frank agree to host six teens for a church conference unaware that one of the girls will touch their hearts in ways they never expected — especially when the girl and her mom show up on their doorstep long after the conference is over.

“Truly an entertaining, faith based, breath of fresh air to get you out of your daily grind kinda of series.”

“Maggie, Maggie, Maggie…. you are a wonderful example of God working through humans with human imperfections. I am pulled into this book from the first chapter. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my reconnection with Maggie and Frank.”


It’s not the thought of selling his business that bothers Frank. At least, not anymore. Frank is scared and, for once, Maggie’s optimism isn’t contagious as they face the most serious challenge of their lives. He struggles to find his spiritual footing and isn’t sure if even God can stop the downward spiral.

Christina also struggles when she learns the news, while her husband, Harry, accepts the situation and isn’t afraid to say so. She tosses him disapproving glares as needed. No matter what, Harry can’t help loving his strong-willed, slightly irrational spouse.

Tina and her teenaged daughter, Holly, grow to love their life in the new apartment. Holly is happy at school and has made friends easily, oblivious to her mom’s new difficulties. Tina has committed what she thinks is an unforgivable sin and hasn’t a clue how to fix things. Maybe they can’t ever be fixed.

Loner Pete has some startling confessions of his own; one that brings joy to Frank and Maggie, but the other one sends everyone reeling.


“This latest novel drew me right back into the lives of the characters, it felt like I hadn’t left them from the last two books in the series. Such a wonderful uplifting theme once again.”

Author note: When I gave my life to Jesus, a change happened not only in me, but in my writing. My previous stories no longer appealed to me and I actually quit writing for several years. Then God awakened my desire to write and Forecast: Stormy with a Chance of Love was born.