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Golden Legacy Small 1

Ginny is a “modern” English gentlewoman traveling alone in the year 1888. At the age of twenty-five, she deems herself a spinster, admitting the condition results from her own decisions. After Ginny gains control of her own money, she sets out to travel the world, hoping to publish a series of travel journals. Upon landing in San Francisco, Ginny’s aristocratic life drastically changes course when she learns that miscreants shot her twin brother, Johnny. After tending to Johnny in hospital, the gutsy woman strikes out to locate his hidden gold mine, armed with courage, a fountain pen, and two sharp hatpins. 

In modern day, Kayla and Steven deal with the aftermath from the murder attempt on Kayla after their wedding. Plagued by turbulent dreams of drowning, Kayla develops a paralyzing fear of open water. She’s summoned to a dying aunt’s bedside and jumps at the chance to trade life at sea for the comforts of home in Colorado. To inherit the family legacy, Kayla must solve clues and locate the family gold mine. After reading Ginny’s journal and searching for clues scattered throughout a charming Victorian house, Kayla and her friends endeavor to find the mine.

The characters of Kayla and Steven Young first appear in the High Seas Mysteries.

“The author has done a remarkable job of successfully weaving the past and present into one story. A lot of research obviously went into descriptions of 19th century western history, lore, fashion, and technology. There is a fascinating juxtaposition of the past and present day expeditions with plenty of action and intrigue as well.”

“I salute this author for this impeccably researched, cleverly structured and deeply felt book.”

Author note: The idea began after I read A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Lucy Bird. She was a real-life Victorian woman traveling alone in the American West.  When she met Gentleman Jim, I saw the potential for romance, but was disappointed by the true account. I decided to tell a different story, developing a romance between to charismatic English compatriots in a Colorado gold mine. I combined a journal written by a plucky lady in the 1880’s that would guide familiar modern characters from my High Seas Mystery Series to find a lost gold mine and gain an inheritance.