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On the edge of a secluded forest, the Timeless Bed and Breakfast greets its guests with promises of home-cooked meals, warm fires, and great service. Caleb and Ginny put everything they have into their little inn, keeping their own pains hidden from their guests. But when a poor young couple gets stranded at their inn on Christmas Eve in the middle of a blizzard, Ginny knows they can’t turn them away, even though they are completely booked for the holiday. However, letting them stay will push her strength to the limits and churn the deep wells of sadness inside her.


“What a beautiful and heartrending Christmas story! More than once I had to put the book down in order to wipe away my tears. This story touched me in such unexpected ways, ways which I’m sure its author could never have envisioned (especially because God has blessed me with a large family), but as I read I felt an overwhelming certainty that God placed it in my hands to strengthen me during an especially painful trial in my life right now.”

“This is simply a beautifully written, powerful Christmas story of love and grace. I would highly recommend it.”


Author Note: The Innkeeper’s Wife sort of wrote itself: the concept dug deep and just exploded on paper. I wrote it hoping I could be a blessing to someone who is struggling with infertility, but I’ve been blessed tenfold by the number of women reaching out to me to share THEIR stories. Whoever you, wherever you are, you are not alone!