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Belle had been kept sheltered and protected her whole life, so when she finds her mother unexpectedly dead in their motel room, her world is turned upside down, especially since Belle and her mother Karen had always been very close. Alone, with no one to help or advise her, she must make funeral arrangements and then plan the next step for the direction of her life. While going through some papers and documents that her mother had always kept in a locked box, Belle discovers that her mother had been keeping secrets. Secrets that seemed to involve her daughter.

Upon a chance encounter with a handsome attorney, who fills her romantic idea of the man of her dreams, Belle begins to see that it’s time to take control of her life and live it the way she would like, and not necessarily the way her mother had planned. But first she has promised herself she would fulfill her mother’s dream to visit the lighthouses along the Lake Michigan shore. As Belle travels the West Michigan shoreline, from Grand Haven heading north, she makes acquaintances along the way who will change the course of her life in surprising ways, and who open her eyes to possibilities of love.

“As a former Michigan resident, it felt so good to read names and recall places I knew. But the best part of this book is how well it was woven and tangled together. I couldn’t put it down!! Loved the main character!”

“Wonderful story about a beautiful place. The author is able to give a clear picture of the settings. Having grown up in Western Michigan, I was impressed with the descriptions. And the characters! Once again Ms O’Brien shares their lives with vivid narrative making you feel a part of the story. Hallmark should make this a movie.”


Charity has decided that she wants nothing to do with men. According to her they only cause trouble and interfere with a girl’s life. But unfortunately she runs into Tucker, an old flame from high school who is quite persistent. Just as she is trying to figure out her feelings for him, she meets Gabe, a childhood friend, whom she hasn’t seen in over two years. The sexual tension is apparent to them but she fights it for unexplained reasons.

As Charity tries to sort out her feelings for these two men, she must deal with adversity in her family’s wine business. Someone is trying to stop her father from taking his best wine to the annual wine competition. Or is someone simply trying to prevent Charity from choosing a man?

“A wonderful second installment of a prosperous family that you would wish to have in your circle of friends! Love, conflict, revenge, and tenderness will be found in the chapters of this novel!! Set in Michigan in a friendly town; you will be whisked away to places you may have or would love to visit yourself!”

“Besides the well-developed characters and their complex emotions, I also enjoyed learning about the vineyard and wine business. Author O’Brien continues to provide the lovely descriptive details of the Michigan shore locations that I enjoyed in the first book. The ending of the story is truly satisfying as Charity finds closure to the questions of her life in a beautiful venue of her own creation. This book was a quiet and peaceful story that was a pleasure to read.”


Trey is a returning veteran of the U.S. Marines, a hero with the highest honors. But as all soldiers discover, serving our country can bring memories of agonizing times he would prefer to bury. One day, a trigger mechanism causes those memories to surface and eventually boil over, creating pain for all of those who love him.

When he meets a young and beautiful single mother named Sara at a chance car accident, his world is turned upside down. Flashes of Afghanistan, haunting dreams, and unanswered questions come flooding in upon him, and it seems the bottle is the only thing that can keep them at bay.

Will Trey be able to gain control of his life? Will he ever be able to function again at the vineyard? Will his family’s tough love approach get through to him? Or will it be the love of a little girl who will reach his heart first?

“This story highlights the fact that God is leading in every aspect of our lives, even when we are unaware.” 

“From the beautiful heartfelt dedication to servicemen and women at the beginning of the book to the information about PTSD at the end, this story will seep in to your soul and will become one of the best stories you have read.”

Author Note: The story line follows the lighthouses along the Lake Michigan shoreline in West Michigan, my home state. Each lighthouse mentioned is an actual lighthouse that I have visited while researching for the book. A lighthouse is a beacon which calls the lost soul home. While following the lighthouses, the MC is led from place to place as she discovers her truth.