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Thirty years after Jesus’ death the apostle Paul, victim of a Jewish plot, is arrested and led in chains aboard an old Egyptian grain carrier bound for Rome. Encountering the ‘storm of the century,’ the ship never arrives.

2000 years later, amateur archaeologist David Connor is on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta looking for evidence of Paul’s lost ship. With the help of a smart – and beautiful – professor of ancient history, Caroline, he begins to build a credible case. But just as the artifacts become more convincing, so does the evidence that someone is trying to kill him.


“The attention to detail opens up the story in your imagination. I enjoyed following the adventure in my own copy of The Bible with all the fantastic references to Acts.”

“I enjoyed the transitions from the past to the present, which keeps the reader interested. The story line was believable and backed with facts. It gave me insight into the past which made it so much more interesting.”