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In the city of Tonzimmel, where hover-cars zip over anonymous crowds, contracts are king, and education is everything, Alaric has worked hard to make a decent life for himself. As a level nine security chief, he needs no one and nothing, and is in control of his fate. Or so he thinks. When a stranger from neighboring Cadaeren suddenly appears, however, babbling of magic, quests, and long-lost princes, Alaric finds himself contractually obligated to undertake a journey that his training hasn’t prepared him for: the Quest of the Unaligned. 

“The characters are dynamic and engaging, the cultures rich and real, the plot satisfying in both its archetypal simplicity and its unusual twists. This book satisfied my desire for a fun story, but also refreshed me, engaged my mind, and roused my own creativity.”

“The imagery is vivid and memorable, fitly engulfing the reader while avoiding cliché. Thank you A.L. Phillips for teaching while delighting both my daughter and me (and for provoking some good evening discussions about some very important topics).”

Author note: The Quest of the Unaligned is a unique blend of fantasy, science fiction, and sociology. Our hero, Alaric, is a no-nonsense security chief from a highly advanced city. He is skeptical of everyone and everything, and prefers to solve problems with logic rather than trusting in what he can’t see. This proves to be a problem, however, when he is tricked into going on a quest through a magical country – especially when it turns out that Alaric is, in fact, the crown prince of said magical country. The book, which includes discussion questions for reading groups and for sociology classes, can also be used for critically examining the world and society in which we live today.