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Michaela and Sylvia are sent out to play on what seemed like a normal, hot, weekend afternoon. They discover an abandoned house and couldn’t just walk away.  But they find themselves trapped in a room so dark that they were not able see anywhere but inwards.  Before they can escape, they meet a ghostly girl who is on a mission that just might save them from real live monsters…

“It was a nail biter and the perfect book for kids to teach them about ‘Stranger Danger’.”

“When I read this book I knew it was written in way that would capture her attention and boy did it! She read it all in one reading. What a wonderful approach to very serious subject.”

Author note: Being unable to find a book for my children’s age group, that would both entertain them and warn them about the danger of getting into a car with people who they are not supposed to inspired me to write this book. The Rocking Horse is an elaborated version of a story I told my kids one morning while driving them to school. It is one of the ways I have tried to instill in them the importance of never getting into a car with strangers.  I also wanted to show them through just one more outlet that their bond as sisters should be stronger than anything that they may encounter throughout life. This is more than a mere picture book (there are no pictures at all) about stranger danger. This is a story that older children can relate with. Being that they can relate to the characters, they are more likely to listen and understand the impact and the importance of the message. “Don’t get into a car with someone you are not supposed to.” The message comes from a ghost child their age who made the fatal mistake of doing just what she is warning against.