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The Secretby S. R. Booth


Book 1: The Secret

Conspiracy theories are just crazy ideas people with too much free time make up. Aren’t they? No one is really making plans to take over the government or find ways to eliminate entire groups of people. At least that’s what Billy and Sarah Roth had always thought. Until now.


Information Sarah decodes from what should have been a simple piece of trash leads her to believe someone really is making plans to eliminate a large portion of the population. Including her. Before she and Billy can decide what–if anything–they should do with the information, they find themselves thrown right into the middle of what can only be called a real life conspiracy. And it seems to be stemming from the company Billy works for, Scinegue.

“I also love that current issues are at the root of the story (the age-old quest to determine a perfect human) and that in the midst of the suspense, I found myself learning about natural health and sustainable living options!”

“It pulled me in entirely. Full of surprises and absolutely engaging.”

“Exceptionally well written.”

The Pledge smBook 2: The Pledge

A six month respite from Evil was long enough to forget It really walked among them. A tragic accident and more people being possessed is a harsh reminder. Billy Roth thinks the source of the Evil might be someone he works with. It’s possible he’s right while still being wrong. Will he end up trusting the right people? His wife and unborn child’s lives depend on it.

The Pledge was a page turner that was hard to put down. I was convinced one of the characters was involved with ulterior motives… but in the end I was proven wrong.”

“The books keep you in suspense and keeps you turning the pages to see what is going to happen next.”

“Awesome details…Now I can’t wait until the 3rd book is released.”

The Forest mediumBook 3: The Forest

Failing in their last assignment to kill Billy and Sarah Roth’s unborn child, el Gato de Diablo was confined to the dark place as punishment. But now there is a chance of redemption in the form of a new assignment. Success will put the world in Its hands; failure will result in a fate too bleak to consider.

After almost a year of peace, Scinegue is under attack. Files that could endanger the lives of thousands are being targeted and Bradley and Nicole are trapped as a decoy. The Protectors are working hard to not only free Bradley and Nicole but also find out who is behind the attacks so they can be stopped.

Billy and Sarah Roth are praying that the attacks on the company are in no way connected to el Gato de Diablo–or to them. But they are. The Protectors do all they can to stop the Evil before It can do any more harm, but this time they won’t defeat It without losing one of their own.

“Awesome. Surprise from page 1 to the end.”
“Technological, physiological, spiritual, and supernatural dynamics are combined to make a top-notch page turner.”

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Custom Book Cover Sherri Scinegue Sweets EbookBradley & Nicole

(A romance novella based on characters from The Pledge.)


Bradley and Nicole clicked. That’s all there was to it. Their’s was destined to be a fairytale romance. At least until life got in the way. Now that the blinding flush of happiness has worn off, flaws on both sides are cropping up. No one’s perfect but these flaws are grating and might be enough to end their budding relationship.

Well meaning friends offer them relationship advice but what doesn’t backfire might just be too late. Unless the tiny girl with huge troubles who lands on their doorstep can help mend their relationship. Forced to work together to save this desperate child they have a chance to remember what it was that drew them together from the beginning. With God at its center, this relationship might survive after all.


“The story of Bradley and Nichole’s romance provided a pleasant break from the intense suspense of the Christian sci-fi Scinegue series. It also shed much needed light on the dynamics between a strong, accomplished man, and an equally strong and accomplished woman.”

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Saving Will_new coverSaving Will

(A stand-alone novel based on characters from the Scinegue series. It can be read alone, but will be an even better experience if read after the series.)


Did Jessie really die? Rachel Brooks doesn’t know what to believe other than her daughter is alive and well right now, and she’s determined to do anything to keep her that way. But will that ‘anything’ include betraying her Christian beliefs?

Rachel has always considered herself a good person. She’s nice and does what she can to help others. She also considers herself a good Christian until she begins to question her very faith when her daughter’s in danger.

Drawn into a secretive world of supernatural powers, Rachel and her family discover powers in the world besides God’s. When their path intertwines with a couple who claim to have powers of their own, Rachel’s tempted to seek help from them to keep her daughter safe. Will she trust God’s path or try to make her own?

“It kept me spellbound to the very end.”

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CIR: What was the writing process like for this series?

BOOTH: The books kept writing themselves! One of my early readers commented that she was so surprised at who the bad person turned out to be in The Pledge, and I said, “Me too!”.

CIR: What themes do you address in this book?

BOOTH: This series was written as a fun combination of conspiracy, health/nutrition and Christianity. Modern day eugenics is an underlying theme throughout the series.

CIR: Is there any content that some readers might find questionable despite the overall “clean” feel of the book?

BOOTH: There is murder in Scinegue and a demonic attack in The Pledge that are not overly graphic.