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Christie Ryan’s life is everything she hoped for: an exciting job, exotic travel for work, a waterfront home with her fiancé Derek. Their relationship may not be perfect, but she finally has the stability and love she craved throughout her childhood.

But just how secure is her life? The death of her estranged grandmother threatens everything, as Christie find herself in an abandoned cottage in a small seaside town, uncovering a family mystery through old love letters.

She seeks help from reclusive artist Martin Blake, but their aims clash as she pursues the answers that he is determined to keep hidden. As the secrets of the past begin to unravel, however, so does the safe world Christie has built around her.

“Romance novels seldom take me by surprise but this one did. It’s a marvelous story!”

“Heart warming as well as heart breaking this book is a crazy roller-coaster of emotions!!”

Author note: I live near an old stationmasters cottage that always made me wonder what secrets might be hidden away inside. I grew up in small coastal Australian towns, often wandering alone as a youngster with vivid memories of old cemeteries, wild beaches and interesting people. A few years ago, my sister and I found each other after almost forty years apart and the reunion changed my understanding of the past. Whilst she is the opposite of the older sister in the book, knowing her made me think about the premise of making decisions for someone else based on your love of them, not what is best for them.