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Traded away as a young girl by her father, True relies on no one but herself. She knows the enemy army is coming—General Kohl repeats it each night, after he puts the money on her bedside table.

When two foreigners show up at her door, True hides the men from the soldiers who arrive with a presidential search warrant. Colonel Holoke vows her life will be spared, along with any family members who are inside her house, when his army returns. The rest of the city will be annihilated.

True must reconcile with her father’s disastrous choice and convince the family who turned a blind eye to save their lives. But as drones arrive and circle the city, True’s trust in Holoke’s God is tested as the walls to her city tumble down.


“I loved True, a wounded soul with plenty to give. At first glance it’s easy to judge her, but as you get to know her an unshakable connection forms, and in few pages I’d imagine that’s difficult to do. The author did a ridiculously good job at bringing her to life.”

“The small details, the feelings, the undercurrent of tension in True’s relationships, all these things were such a pleasure to read that I didn’t want the story to end! And even though I could see this story easily turning into a series, it still feels perfectly encapsulated and resolved. True’s choices, the choices of her parents and how those impacted her, her relationship with her siblings and nieces, even her burgeoning faith in God were all explored deeply enough to make the story satisfying but not so deeply that a sequel wouldn’t be welcome!”

“Clancy’s writing illuminates the characters and I found myself hurting for True–the young girl who’d never had the chance to finish her childhood. If you’re familiar with the story of Rahab, you know what’s coming. But Clancy puts a contemporary spin on the tale, making it fresh and new.”