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Felipe Ferrer’s young life is turned upside down when Hernan Cortes rides into the Ferrer stable yard. Cortes, planning to lead his conquistadors to Mexico, is in desperate need of horses. When Felipe’s father refuses to sell his prize stallion, Majesty, Cortes cheats him out of the horse and sends Ferrer to debtor’s prison. To save Felipe from the same fate his father arranges for the boy to go along with Cortes as Majesty’s groom.

Thus begins the greatest adventure of Felipe’s life. He will deal with bullies, thieves, a hurricane and a Mayan king. He will save a prince, save a girl, and save a horse.

But all he wants is to get free, get home and exonerate his father.


“Refreshing wit! Highly recommend to all ages.”

“Excellent read. Since we traveled to the Yucatan and saw some of the Mayan history, I especially enjoyed this. Love the explanation at the end of how closely this guy with historical record. Thanks for a very enjoyable diversion!”