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Mr. Darcy is tempted beyond what he can endure when Elizabeth Bennet leaves her private journal entries in the parlour of Netherfield. Upon reading her writing, he is appalled to find that she overheard his unflattering remarks at the Meryton Assembly and despises him for his thoughtless comments. He wishes with all his heart that he could undo the damage.

During a restless sleep, he dreams of two powerful beings who can give him his heart’s desire – Elizabeth’s admiration, respect, and love.

Will he take the offer to change the past so that he never makes the offensive statement? Will he make a deal with the Devil, or is the price too dear?

What would you do to get exactly what you want? How much would you be willing to pay?

“There are so many wonderful interactions between this precious couple in this book. I loved this Elizabeth and Darcy. I will say there were high highs and low lows. But the adventure is a nice journey ending with a ball and the promised dances.”

“This delightful story from Darcy’s perspective will thrill lovers of Jane Austin’s most beloved characters. Giving not only his actions, but his thoughts as well, as he tries to understand Elizabeth, this is sometimes laughingly funny and at times cryingly sad, but pleasurable. Enjoy!”